CC (Community Connections)
Community Connections
A volunteer-based program in which newcomers to Canada are matched with community volunteers who help them to learn about Canadian values and traditions.

The objective of the Community Connections Program is to help immigrants overcome the stress of moving to a new country.

Volunteers familiar with Canadian society assist newcomers by promoting community engagement, encouraging the newcomer through mentorship, group leadership, as well as providing networking opportunities in their field of work and opportunities to practice English.

As a volunteer mentor there are plenty of ways you can assist a newcomer, such as: skill building activities, academic tutoring and participating in community events or casual social gatherings. You and the newcomer schedule and decide on the activity. The Program Coordinator will provide training and continued support throughout the mentorship.
We work with volunteers and community partners in the following ways:

  • ESL based family literacy programs
  • ESL based individual / family mentorships
  • Community based integration activities
  • Holiday orientation activities
  • Summer and Day camps for ESL children and youth
  • Women’s Intercultural Support & Education groups
  • Men’s recreational soccer team and games

SISA hosts many family-friendly, culturally celebrative events all year round. In partnership with other amazing community organizations, we aim to foster inclusion and appreciation of diversity by sharing these experiences and activities.

We believe that a strong and inclusive sense of connection and belonging within any community is imperative to its overall success. Check us out on facebook for ongoing event posts, pics, and updates!

Volunteer Facilitators for Newcomer Programs
Responsibilities of a volunteer facilitator for newcomer programs includes working with the Program Coordinatorin planning a variety of activities such as field trips, guest speakers,volunteering in the community, social events, hands-on activities, sports etc. These programs assist newcomers by enhancing their community awareness and building social networks. Programs offered include:

  • Youth Group for Newcomer Youth ages 11-21 years
  • W.I.S.E - Women’s Intercultural Support & Education
  • Men’s Fellowship Group
  • Seniors Circle Group targeting Adults 50+
  • Family Group for Newcomer Families with children 0-12years
  • Women’s Intercultural Support & Education groups
Individuals committed to learn about different cultures and languages, promote diversity and acceptance while strengthening their community are invited to apply.

SISA is very fortunate to be located in Medicine Hat, where so many people dedicate time and energy to causes that are important to them.

Volunteering is one of many ways that you can give back to your community, meet people, and continue to learn and grow!

Our Community Connections team is always on the lookout for new volunteers, from event and workshop assistance and childcare, to LINC classroom support, to individual/family mentorships – and so much in between!

Our volunteer application process includes an application and short interview, criminal record check and child intervention checks (when required), and a program orientation.

Please have a look at the brochure below, and contact us with any questions about application.