There are a variety of opportunities to become involved at SISA as a volunteer.

Requirement: Volunteers should be fluent in English and be prepared to work with people with language barrier. Must have good communication skills, be good listeners and genuinely like people. Volunteers must complete an application form with three references. Volunteers may also provide an up-to-date resume. Security Checks are required.

Volunteer Opportunities Include
Mentorship: Sharing vocational experience and knowledge as well as Canadian cultural education and awareness.

English Language Coach: Everyday use of the English language, including conversation circles or one on one practice.

Community Ambassador: Provide community engagement opportunities through activities, networking, and donations.
LINC Classroom Volunteer: Assist and encourage individual students understand teacher’s instruction.
Language Interpreters & Translators: SISA has a language bank of about 86 volunteers capable of interpreting / translating in about 50 different languages and dialects. The language bank has an ongoing recruitment of volunteers who speak English and other language(s).
Be a Board Member: Help keep SISA moving forward and join our board. This is a great way to make a positive contribution in the lives of others and our community.

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You may contact

Rokaya Nasser at rokaya@saamisimmigration.ca

403-504-1188 ext. 108


Aide Hilsendeger at aide@saamisimmigration.ca

403-504-1188 ext.127

To find out more about volunteering with us and becoming part of the SISA team.