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Our SISA men’s recreational soccer team is a fun and healthy way to offer newcomers to Canada an opportunity to learn about life in Canada through the medium of sports. Although participants may be coming from different corners of the globe and different walks of life, they often find a common ground in sports and while maintaining a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

Our men’s team is able to practice most Friday evenings, with great gratitude towards the Medicine Hat Community View Lions Club who sponsored their 2017/2018 season.

Registration is required.  Please contact SISA Community Connections for details.

We are also happy to play recreational games with community groups!

In March 2017, as part of the community-wide ‘Raising the Curtain’ events, we were proud to play against the Medicine Hat Police Service.  Many of our newcomer families may have had bad experiences in the past with law enforcement in their countries of origin or refugee camps, and so this event was a super fun way to showcase some brotherhood and build some trust between SISA and the MHPS.