On-Going Events
Programs for Women
The Women’s Intercultural Support and Education (WISE) programming is designed in partnership with our newcomer women, and based on what they have indicated will help them to learn and thrive in their new community.
Programs for Men
Our SISA men’s recreational soccer team is a fun and healthy way to offer newcomers to Canada an opportunity to learn about life in Canada through the medium of sports.
Budgeting Course
This workshop is designed to assist newcomers with everydaymoney management by introducing them to topics such as budgeting basics, debtmanagement, how to build credit and understand credit history, etc. Newcomersare taught the importance of budgeting and proper money management.
Drumming Session
Drumming, compared to all forms music releases stress and creates some excitement in our brain when we participate.
Parenting Courses
Cultural differences and misinformation sometimes make itdifficult for newcomers to parent in Canada. This course is meant to providenewcomers with information on parenting in Canada and finding communitysupport.
Citizenship Preparation Course
This course run according to the Citizenship Court dates. The objective of this course is to assist community members who are preparing for the Canadian Citizenship test while learning about Canada’s political and electoral system, history and geography.
Computer Literacy Program
This program is meant to introduce newcomers to the new technology, the fundamentals of the computers and the basic computer vocabulary.
Information Sessions
Saamis Immigrations Services Association offers monthly information sessions to educate and inform newcomers to Canada about important issues pertaining to their life in Canada as well as local resources and community services.
Income Tax Preparation Workshop
This workshop is meant to assist newcomers to Canada with basic income tax preparations, mainly those with language or financial barrier. Due to limited resources, this workshop could accommodate only simple tax preparations.
Driving Preparation Course
This course is meant to prepare individuals to take their class 7 drivers test. Instructor walks participants through the manual explaining rules and laws of the road traffic in Canada. This course sole focuses on the theory.